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GP long-term vacancy rates the lowest in the health service

1 September 2008

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Statistics published by The NHS Information Centre (IC) show that vacancy rates across the health service are lowest among GPs, at an estimated 0.3%.

The GP Practice Vacancies Survey 2008 collects data directly from GP practices and produces estimated three-month vacancy figures at national level for GPs, practices nurses and other practice staff.

In addition, vacancy rates across the NHS are continuing to fall, with the IC reporting that long-term vacancy rates for all of the main staff groups are now below 1%.

Total vacancy rates varied from 3.6% for medical and dental staff to an estimated 1.2% for GPs.

Comparison of these with the three-month vacancy rates indicates that most posts are being filled within three months.

Chief executive of The NHS Information Centre Tim Straughan said: “Today’s figures show long-term vacancy rates are continuing to fall across nearly all staff groups. This is good news for patients because low vacancy rates are likely to contribute towards better continuity of care.”