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GP income on steady decline

22 September 2014

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GP income in the UK has continued to fall, while their expenses are increasing, a Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) report has shown. 

The GP Earnings and Expenses report 2012/2013 shows that the average income of GP contractors was £102,000 before tax last year, a drop of around 1%. 

The figure shows a continual decline in contractor GP salaries from £110,000 in 2005/06. 

Average gross income for contractor GPs was £271,000, an increase of 1.4% since 2011/12, but expenses rose by 2.9% to £169,700. 

Contractor GPs form 80% of the workplace, and pay for premises and practice staff wages through their expenses. 

The average income before tax for salaried GPs in the UK was £56,400 compared to £56,800 in 2011/12, showing a slight decrease of 0.6%. 

For both GMS and PMS GP contracts, the largest expenses category is employees.

HSCIC Chair Kingsley Manning said: “These reports provide further insight into the income of GPs and Dentists that carry out NHS work in the UK.

“The data shows a gradual decline in average income of both GPs and dentists. Contractor GPs have seen an increase in their expenses, higher than the increase in their gross earnings, which has meant that their taxable income is less than last year.”

The full report can be found on the HSCIC website