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GP ‘burn out’ from workload

15 December 2014

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Concerns have been raised regarding the number of GPs having to take time of due to burn out – and the impact that this may have on primary care sevices.

Increased workloads and scrutiny means that 40% of GPs have or expect to take time off due to burnout according to a recent research.

A survey, done by Pulse magazine found that 12% of GPs had taken time off in the past 12 months. A further 29% thought that they would need to take time off over the next month.

Consisting of 602 GPs, the survey also revealed that 45% claimed that they had colleagues who had taken time off.

Speaking to Pulse Dr Zishan Syed, a locum GP, said: “GPs are subject to terrible pressure and expectations on a workforce that is frankly exhausted.

“A huge source of stress for doctors is fear of litigation and investigations from their local authorities or other regulatory authorities such as the GMC, sometimes simultaneously.”

GPC chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul raised concern about the impact that this could have upon GP practices as a whole. He said: “These are extremely worrying figures that mirror the base reality of GPs up and down the UK. 

“Even more concerning is the ripple effect of those doctors who take time off due to sickness on an already overstretched GP workforce, resulting in greater stress on those GPs remaining. We need to ensure that we take measures right from government through to local commissioning policies that manage the pressures on GP workload.”