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Government to make GPs work closer with schools to boost health

12 December 2007

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Ed Balls has set out the government’s children’s policy for the next decade, which includes aims to have GPs and midwives working closer with schools.

The Schools Secretary said he wants Britain to be “the best place in the world for children to grow up” as he set out his new Children’s Plan.

It covers youngsters’ lives from how they spend their spare time to the parents’ role in their education.

Other proposals include a major review of primary education, which will see the compulsory teaching of foreign languages and teachers given more flexibility to combine subjects.

A radical overhaul of the testing regime, meaning children could take shorter, less pressurised, assessments is also proposed, along with a personal tutor for every child.

Services, including police, social workers, child psychologists and speech therapists, are also proposed for school sites.

Mr Balls said: “We will set out what we can do to get excellent individual services – Sure Start centres and midwives, schools and GPs, youth centres and youth offending teams – working together with parents and services co-located in schools to spot problems early, tackle barriers to learning and then act effectively.”

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“If this is to include colleges as well – this would be a good idea” – Name and address supplied

“Can I sign up for the youth offending team? A couple of jolly little 14-year-olds nearly clobbered my two-year-old twin grandchildren the other evening in good old Mcdonald’s (don’t ask, it was a last resort). So if we can have a list of
youths to be offended these would be on it” – Name and address supplied