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General Medical Council on-track for revalidation

20 July 2012

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The General Medical Council (GMC) has claimed that it is on-track to deliver revalidation from December.

An independent assessment concluded that its objectives were being met and that the necessary systems, processes and infrastructure are now in place.

In a report submitted to the governing council, the Revalidation Delivery Board (RDB) stated that the organisation appears to be fully prepared to deliver on further milestones as the year progresses.

Amongst the targets which have been satisfied are schedules of submission dates for revalidation, and issuing notification issuing notice to doctors and responsible officers on revalidation recommendation submission dates.

The governing council agreed with the RDB’s assertion that the GMC was on target for December.

Niall Dickson, Chief Executive of the GMC, said:

“Revalidation is on its way. Subject to the Secretary of State’s decision to switch on the legislation, from the end of this year we will begin to tell each doctor the date when he or she will be expected to revalidate. We are entering a new phase – after years of discussion about the principle, the reality of revalidation is imminent.

“We will be ready to start delivering revalidation from the end of this year and we are confident that the healthcare systems across the UK will also be ready. Now is the time to get on with this.”