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Gadgets ‘causing workplace disruption’

11 August 2011

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Employers who hand out smartphones and laptops to their staff may be unwittingly creating a class of disruptive gadgets addicts in the workplace, a new study suggests.

According to software group, phones and computers issued by firms to improve productivity and keep employees connected may be having the opposite effect.

Some of the workers are turning into compulsive texters and social networkers who cannot keep away from their gadget even when they are at meetings, said the group which polled 1,140 people in London.

At face-to-face meetings, more than four in 10 of workers have their attention diverted by their communication devices, the study found.

Nearly a third (31%) admitted they have interrupted a meeting to take calls or check a message or mail. vice president of product strategy David Lavenda said it was a “classic case of double standards in the workplace”.

Around 82% of people said they are annoyed by colleagues who cause disruption by answering calls, texting or tweeting while in a meeting.

The study also found 19% of workers who are asked by their bosses to turn off their gadgets simply ignore the command.

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