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Flexible working could save billions

24 July 2013

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Flexible working could save over £1 billion for UK businesses, while boosting employees career development, a study has revealed.

According to the analysis by the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), cost reductions and productivity gains could save lots of money for big firms, while workers could gain an extra five hours a week due to increased productivity. 

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The study, based on 3,000 UK workers, showed that 77% work in organisations that offer some kind of flexible working. 

The research published by Vodafone, showed that a further 13% were either not aware that they could request to work from home, or would like to work flexibly but were not able to. 

Vodafone enterprise director Jeroen Hoencamp, said: “In the global race for growth, organisations should embrace better ways of working consciously as a strategy for success as opposed to ignoring them.” 

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