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Fewer complaints against family health services in 2006–07, says report

15 November 2007

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The latest figures on written complaints against NHS organisations show a decrease of 2% in the number of written complaints about family health services.

The figures, published today (15 November 2007) by the Information Centre for health and social care, found that the number of written complaints to family health services went from 43,349 in 2005–06 to 42,592 in 2006–07.

This represents little change over the last five years, during which the number of complaints have remained around 43,000.

The figures also show a decrease of 4% in the number of written complaints about hospital and community health services, from 95,047 in 2005–06 to 90,801 in 2006–07. This is the lowest number of complaints since figures peaked at 95,734 in 2000–01.

Tim Straughan, Acting Chief Executive of the IC, said: “Today’s report shows that overall, fewer formal written complaints are being received. However, there are still some areas where complaints are on the increase and nearly a quarter of all complaints are not resolved within the time limits set by the government.

“Today’s report is important at both the local and national level. Locally, NHS organisations can use the information to help plan and improve their services, and nationally, the data helps monitor patient satisfaction across the whole NHS.”

The Information Centre

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