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Fears over cost of future healthcare provision

4 September 2007

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New fears have been raised about NHS privatisation, as a study shows nearly 60% of people worry they may not be able to afford the cost of healthcare in the future.

Research by health plan firm HSA claims the country is losing its faith in the service, as only a third believe the NHS will always be a part of the UK health system.

Some 28% of adults questioned are concerned that a lack of NHS funding will mean that most people will not have access to vital services.

And only 3% of those surveyed do not have any concerns about the future health of the nation.

HSA spokeswoman Abby Bowman said: “The NHS has been an integral part of our culture since 1948, and it is a service towards which many of us feel fiercely loyal.

“However, it seems that we are no longer convinced that it will always be around to support us.

“Perhaps it is time for the government to compensate those that purchase their own private healthcare, and who are effectively helping to take the strain off the NHS, by offering them reduced tax or National Insurance.

“In fact, HSA’s research also shows that 46% of people would be more likely to purchase private healthcare if it meant that their NI contributions were reduced.”

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