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Falsely high glucose readings may be misleading patients

11 June 2014

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Diabetes patients using the Accu-Chek Mobile glucose meter may experience falsely high blood glucose readings the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has warned.

The MHRA has urged people using this strip-free glucose-monitoring system to carefully and accurately follow the directions given as they differ from conventional devices. 

Roche Diabetes Care (RDC), the creator of the glucose-detecting device, has reported a small number of tests producing falsely high glucose levels. 

The MHRA’ director of medical devices, John Wilkinson underlined the risks of incorrect blood glucose readings.

He said: “An incorrect blood glucose reading can lead to people using the incorrect dose of insulin which, in some circumstances, could lead to an extremely low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) and this may have serious consequences.” 

The manufacturer of the meters RDC have released enhanced training and handling instructions online, in an attempt to avert these false readings and ensure people are using the product correctly. 

Wilkinson said: “People using this particular blood glucose monitoring device are enouraged to access the updated testing instructions at:”

Director of health  intelligence and professional liaison at Diabetes UK, Simon O’Neill encouraged patients to contact a professional as soon as possible if they suspect an incorrect reading. 

He said: “If anyone has any concerns with using Accu-Check meyer they should discuss this with their diabetes healthcare team.”