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Experts finished gathering QOF evidence

17 August 2007

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NHS Employers and the BMA’s General Practitioners Committee (GPC) have finished gathering evidence for the development of QOF.

Experts from both bodies have received 153 submissions from patient groups, national societies and individual GPS on their views about current of future QOF indicators.

National societies and patient groups offered the greatest number of submissions at 27% and 25%, respectively.

The expert panel have assessed each submission for its common cause, level of GP responsibility and ability to make realistic changes to the way GP practices work.

Submissions that require further discussion will be invited to one of four sessions in London, Birmingham and Manchester to talk with the expert panel.

Professor Helen Lester, leader of the expert panel team, said: “We had fewer submissions this year than in 2005, but  the level of thought and detail has been much greater.

“In particular we had many submissions from patient groups, which is exactly what we were hoping to achieve with this process.

“We will now use this information to inform the QOF reports.

NHS Employers Joint Chair of the QOF review team Dr Adrian Jacobs said: “The continuing success of QOF depends on it being able to adapt to reflect developments in patient care and changes in the delivery of services.

“This is why this process of gathering new evidence and the ongoing work of reviewing the evidence base for current indicators is so important.” 

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