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Equal pay tool launched

27 May 2013

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Employers will be able to see if they are meeting the requirements of the Equality Act using a web-based tool developed by NHS Employers. 

The toolkit is degisned to provide key information broken down by pay bands which allows organisations to analyse their workforces in a number of ways. 

Including detailed guides on procedure, best practice ecamples and links to breakdowns of workforces within NHS organisation by age, religion or sexual orientation. 

The tool aims to identify and address any discrimination or bias which may occur in pay, which is a legal obligation set down by the Equality Act. 

An NHS England spokesperson said: “NHS Employers believes that whilst it is not a stated legal requirement under the Equality Act 2010, NHS organisations would find it very difficult to fully comply with their responsibilities under the Act without undertaking equal pay audits.”

The toolkit is available on the NHS Employers website