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Employers warned over older workers

22 June 2011

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Businesses need to ensure older workers are given the same training and career development opportunities as younger employees, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

It comes after a new survey by the group found older members of staff are often overlooked in the workplace.

The CIPD warned that employers needed to be particularly careful as the Default Retirement Age is phased out.

The Employee Outlook: Focus on an Ageing Workforce survey of 2,000 employees finds that less than half of workers (46%) aged 65 and above report they have had a formal performance appraisal either once a year or more frequently, compared with 65% of all employees.

In all, 44% of employees aged 65 and above have not had a formal performance appraisal in the last two years or never, compared with a survey average of 27%.

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Dianah Worman, diversity adviser, CIPD, said: “The survey finds too many older workers are currently neglected in the workplace when it comes to training and performance management, with some employers perhaps assuming older staff are nearing the end of their working lives and need less attention.”

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“I agree but interesting the government do not seem to as all the funding for learning is mainly aimed at the very young” – Bernadette Conway, location withheld

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