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Employees increasingly ‘confident’

15 August 2013

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A growing number of people are becoming more confident over their career development prospects. 

Research commissioned by the National Careers Service (NCS) showed that job confidence has surged, with three-fifths (60%) of employed people believing that it would take less than six months to find a new job.

Many (38%) felt that they would need less than three months to find employment. 

According to the NCS, the improved economic climate helped to boost the morale of 42% of workers, while a further 42% said they have the “right skills and experience”.

Further Education and Skills Minister Matthew Hancock said that the increased optimism among employees was a sign that the jobs market is changing.

He said: “However, we need to continue to provide as many options for training as possible, so that people have the appropriate skills to find work, which will reward them and respond to business needs.”

A separate study by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation has revealed that workers are right to be confident, with permanent staff vacancies increasing at their fastest rate in three years.