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Employees failing to plan for future

3 June 2011

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Employees are failing to put financial plans in place to help them achieve future goals, a survey shows.

Around a quarter of employees are not taking advantage of benefits packages, which could help them save towards the future, the research from Standard Life reveals.

The savings and investment provider questioned 8,500 people as part of its Insights into Financial Responsibility report.

It found that 31% of those surveyed were not confident about their financial security at the age of 60.

But most are looking ahead, with 69% keen to get more information to help plan their financial future.

John Lawson, head of pensions policy at Standard Life, said: “We all have goals we want to achieve in life, travelling the world, retiring in style and staying financially secure: it is why we look forward to the future.

“Yet our research shows that very few of us get round to planning ahead to make sure these goals are achieved. This is a huge challenge for providers and employers.

“The good news is that the result of the poll shows people are able to look ahead and invest the time for a greater reward. The challenge is encouraging them to apply the same forward-planning and patience to their finances.

“It is clear there is still work to be done within our industry. We hope our poll has encouraged those who took part to think about their future goals and how they are going to finance them.

“Unfortunately life is not like winning a free prize draw and employees need more support when it comes to long-term financial planning and making their life goals a reality.”

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