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Electronic ‘training passport’ unveiled

27 September 2013

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Information on training will be linked with electronic staff records (ESR) for 2,440 members of staff at one NHS trust. 

Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust believes that the “training passports” will allow both employees and managers to identify gaps in training. 

The passports also offer clear performance positions on compliance rates and targets, as well as reassurance to stakeholders of the organisation’s commitment to staff training and improving care. 

Competencies are classified as either ‘C’ for compulsory (yellow) or ‘R’ for role specific (blue), which helps employees and their managers prioritise training. 

The passport also lists the expiry dates of a competence, a green or red colour code to highlight training that is completed or required, and details enrolment information for future learning opportunities. 

The NHS Employers website states: “Following the publication of the Francis report, training and patient safety are at the top of the NHS agenda. Keeping track of an individual’s completed and outstanding training can be very difficult, with the Francis report revealing that many managers admitted to never feeling fully confident that they had the full picture, or that everyone was compliant and had undertaken all aspects of essential training. 

“The expansion of a training passport scheme to the wider NHS could be an initiative that would help organisations meet the recommendations of the Francis report.”

More information is available on the electronic staff record website