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Dundee practice branch could close following difficulty in recruiting GPs

by Valeria Fiore
9 July 2018

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A Scottish GP surgery is considering closing one of its sites after it was unable to attract new GPs.
On a statement on their website, the Mill Practice in Dundee wrote that despite ‘actively trying to recruit replacement GPs since October 2017’ they have not been successful.
For this reason, they are proposing to close one of their two branches, Fintry Mill Medical Centre, bringing staff to one site ‘to continue to deliver the range of services which we currently offer and to help us provide the continuity of care which our patients deserve’, the practice wrote in a letter to patients.
In a statement, the practice said: ‘We are extremely sorry for taking this action and we apologise for the inconvenience caused.
‘The staff and doctors are working extremely hard to offer a good service and the lack of appointments is not their fault. We fully appreciate the inconvenience this situation causes however please treat the staff with respect.’
Mill Practice refused to comment at this time.
The practice transferred all services to its main site at Arthurstone Medical Centre on 2 July, and is supposed to reopen the Fintry Mill will again on 13 August 2018.
All Health Boards in Scotland are dealing with a national shortage of GPs at present, according to NHS Tayside.
A survey published by our sister publication Pulse found out that one in six GP roles are unfilled, which according to GP leaders is placing an incredible pressure on practices.
A spokesperson for NHS Tayside said: ‘Despite continuing efforts, Mill Practice in Dundee, which has premises at Arthurstone Medical Centre and Fintry Mill Medical Centre, has been unsuccessful in recruiting GPs to fill three practice vacancies. 
‘In order to continue to provide the best service for patients, Mill Practice is proposing to permanently close its Fintry Mill branch.
‘Patients are being invited to attend drop-in sessions to discuss any concerns they may have.  The feedback gathered during these sessions will be used to inform the recommendations to Dundee Integration Joint Board and NHS Tayside.’
The Scottish health board added that they have been working with Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership to develop a ‘career start model’ to attract newly qualified GPs to their area.