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Diversity at work should be ‘encouraged’

16 September 2013

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Companies should encourage more diversity at work, after research showed many women feel the need to change their persona in the office. 

Three-quarters of employees change their behaviour for work, with almost 50% saying they make a “conscious decision” to adopt a different persona. 

But Ann Pickering, HR director for Telefonica UK, who carried out the research, said having a diverse workplace is “so much better for business”. 

Pickering said: “I’m a bit worried and a bit depressed by the findings. I really thought we were making more progress as an economy in general, but it seems that businesses are missing a big trick here.” 

And women are more likely to tone done their personality in favour of more “office-friendly” behaviours – including hiding their emotions and exaggerating assertiveness. 

Pickering said: “We need a balance. In my team I want people to have a range of skills and personalities. 

“You need assertive types, but having a whole room of them isn’t helpful. You need a blend, with more reflective and creative characters mixed in.”