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DH staff poll indicates lack of confidence

26 January 2012

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Less than half of the staff working in the Department of Health are proud to work there, said a survey of over 2,000 employees.

The annual poll showed only 35% of DH employees would recommend their workplace as “a great place to work” and over two-thirds do not feel motivated to achieve the department’s objectives.

Just over a third said they have confidence in the DH’s leadership and ability to manage change.

Only 12% agreed with the statement that DH’s changes are “usually made for the better” and 27% of DH employees said they “had no clear understanding” of the department’s objectives.

“Staff satisfaction has remained broadly level in a year of change. Areas of improvement included how interested and challenged staff were in their jobs.,” said a DH spokesperson.

“We will be taking action based on the survey findings and hope to make improvements this year.” 

Almost two-thirds (62%) of DH staff members surveyed said the department “does a good job” in improving the well-being of the population of England.