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Demonstration to defend NHS against “slick privatisation”

3 October 2007

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Unite the Union is calling on health visitors to turn out in London to demonstrate against the increasing privitisation of the NHS.

The demonstration will take place in Temple Place in London on Sunday 3 November.

Unite’s Head of Health, Kevin Coyne, said: “The core values and services that the NHS has provided for the last 59 years are under serious threat from those that wish to see the private sector take an increasingly dominant role in providing healthcare.

“Unite does not believe this is what the people of Britain want to happen to this world renowned and highly respected organisation – the NHS, your NHS.”

Mr Coyne adds that the NHS is “worth defending against the slick, sharp-suite advocates of privatisation” and that “people should come before profit, communities before cash.”

Members are urged to assemble at Temple Place on the 3 November in order to proceed on to Trafalgar Square for a rally.

Unite the Union