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Dealing with stress cuts risk of stroke

9 August 2007

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Managers who readily adapt to a stressful work environment can reduce their risk of stroke by about 25%, research shows.

A study of over 20,500 middle-aged older men and women has found that those who find their life events comprehensible, manageabl and meaningful are less likely to get stressed.

The study recorded details of over 100, 000 stressful life events, such as bereavements, divorce and separation.

Lead researcher Dr Paul Surtees said: “Our findings suggest that people who are able to adapt more rapidly to stressful circumstances in their lives had a lower risk of stroke.

“This evidence raises the possibility that improving our ability to respond to stress may have benefits for vascular health.”

She adds that understanding the “very complex nature” of the link between stress and strokes will allow us to design better stroke prevention interventions and help save lives.

Stroke Association