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Deadline approaches for PPG funding applications

12 November 2009

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Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) wishing to secure a share of the £20,000 “Making a Difference” fund to support local activity have until 23 November to submit their applications.

The fund was launched in August by the Growing Patient Participation campaign (see link to related story below for more information). Awards will be made in two rounds and PPGs will have another chance to bid for funding in the new year.

PPGs can bid for up to £4,000 of the £20,000 available, to fund a new initiative or support the continuation of valuable existing activities.

Entries received to date include funding bids for:

  • A series of talks to provide patients with knowledge and skills to maintain physical and mental health.
  • Developing an interactive PPG website to provide information and receive feedback from patients.
  • An event focusing on men’s health issues, to take place at the local rugby club.

Dr Graham Box, Chief Executive of the National Association for Patient Participation, said: “The Making a Difference fund is just one way in which we are supporting PPGs, by providing them with additional resource to carry out their excellent – and often undervalued – work.

“Evidence shows that PPGs are making a real difference by helping to improve services, promote health and facilitate better communication between the practice and its patients.”

Growing Patient Participation

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