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CQC calls on Neighbourhood Watch to reveal bad GP practices

26 January 2016

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The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has partnered with Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (NHWN), calling on them to report bad care, which “helps us decide when, where and what to inspect”.

This comes after a joint survey from CQC and NHWN found that nearly two thirds (63%) of NHWN members have heard of CQC, but just half (52%) were aware they could report their concerns about a health or social care service to them.

The partnership is part of CQC’s wider plan to get feedback of good and bad care from a network of national and local voluntary organisations.

In a leaflet for Neighbourhood Watch members, the regulator said that they “can’t do it alone” and “as active members of your community, we need your help to ensure that care in your neighbourhood is meeting standards.

“CQC inspectors can’t be everywhere at once, and we rely on people like you to give us feedback.  We know that as Neighbourhood Watch scheme members, you are invested in building safe and friendly communities,” it added.

The CQC also released it’s consultation document Shaping the Future, which explains it’s vision for a ‘single shared view of quality’ and for more targeted inspections.

Other key plans are to strengthen it’s use of data and information, offer a more flexible approach to registration, consider how well hospitals use resources and assess the quality of care across local areas.