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Practice-based commissioning

17 August 2009

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Practice-based commissioning (PBC) is about involving GP practices and other health and primary care professionals in the commissioning of services.

Primary care trusts (PCTs) are the budget holders and have overall accountability for healthcare commissioning. However, PBC is crucial at all stages of the commissioning process.

PBC is the government’s flagship primary care policy. The Department of Health believes PBC will lead to high-quality services for patients in local and convenient settings.

PBC puts practice managers and GPs in a key position to translate patient needs into redesigned services that best deliver what local people want.

Uptake of PBC remains varied across the country – in some areas, PBC clusters are successfully using PBC to advance patient care and maximise practice profits. In other areas, it is still getting off the ground, often hampered by poor data provision and managerial support from PCTs.

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