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Conservatives win general election 2015

8 May 2015

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The Conservative party won the general election 2015 today with 51% of the votes and 331 seats.

Labour has 36% of the vote and 232 seats, the Scottish National Party got 9% of the vote and 56 seats, and the Liberal Democrats got 1% of the vote and 8 seats.

Cameron pledged to create seven-day access to GPs, giving patients weekend access and changing the opening hours to 8am until 8pm. They also promised to train 5,000 more GPs.

They support personal care plans and have said they will focus on dementia with the Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia 2020, following on from an existing campaign launched in March 2012. This will involve boosting dementia research, starting a healthy ageing plan, training more health and care staff, and creating better support and awareness for dementia patients.

Cameron’s party also pledged to improve the NHS by creating a strong economy to fund it and cracking down on health tourism, by restricting immigrants in the UK’s access to health care.

David Cameron gave a euphoric speech today at Conservative headquarters calling the election result “the sweetest victory”. Their health minister Jeremy Hunt also kept his seat in Surrey South West.