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Colleges call for integration

1 January 2015

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A statement encouraging integration between healthcare services has been issued by leading healthcare organisations. 

 The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) released the joint statement earlier this week that places emphasis on the needs of patients and on collaborative working at a national level.  

 The statement outlines what both organisations ideally want from a new integrated healthcare system including: 

  • Healthy living support for all patients 

  • More patient involvement in choosing care options 

  • Co-ordinated and individually tailored care plan 

  • Access to safe and effective care 


Professor Jane Dacre, RCP president said: “Primary care and acute care have always worked together for the wellbeing of today’s and tomorrow’s patients.  It is vital that we remove the artificial barriers between us, and this statement opens the door for us to work ever more closely together, celebrating the care that we provide for patients.” 

Dr Maureen Baker, chair of the RCGPs agreed.  

She said: “More integration and better, constructive working between primary, secondary and community care will be beneficial for GPs, the health service and our patients.

“GPs, our teams, and colleagues across the NHS are currently under pressure to cope with increasing patient demand with the resources available to us – and it is essential that we look at how we use these scant resources, in the best interests of our patients. 

“This statement is a welcome demonstration of the widespread support for closer working between healthcare professionals across the NHS in order to deliver truly patient-centred care.”