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Climate change “will push more people into food poverty”

20 November 2008

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The adverse effects of climate change will hit the UK hard with increasing food prices pushing more people into food poverty, according to the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH).

Jenny Morris, CIEH Principal Policy Officer, said: “Climate change will reduce the ability of the food supply system to cope with normal demands.

The CIEH says that a combination of adverse weather conditions – such as more droughts, increased demand and use of biofuels, a growing world population and a trend for western-style diets – will put great pressure on the world’s agricultural resources and production and have an upward effect on prices.

Ms Morris said: “The effects will be felt inequitably, with the poorest in society suffering most.

“While the UK is unlikely to suffer severe food shortages, self-sufficiency in food production will become more important as a large reliance on imported food products will create vulnerability and is likely to increase food poverty.”