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CIMA students grow in confidence

6 September 2011

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Accountancy students are feeling confident about their future job security and salary rises, a survey shows.

More than 90% of students studying at the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) surveyed in the UK do not expect to be affected by redundancy during 2011.

The survey also shows CIMA students anticipate an average salary increase of 6% – a rate that is above the current level of UK wage inflation of 2%.

A drop of 27% in respondents that expect organisational budget cuts from 2009 “indicates a growing confidence in the stability of the UK economy” says the survey.

Similarly, 26% fewer survey participants in 2011 predict the profitability in their organisations will fall in the coming year

CIMA students are also said to be “feeling confident that the worst of their organisation’s cutbacks are over” with 27% saying they do not expect a recruitment freeze to happen this year – down an undisclosed percentage from last year.