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CCGs still unsure over CSS choice

28 May 2012

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More than one in ten CCGs claim the emerging NHS offer for commissioning support is not affordable, it is claimed.

A report commissioned by the NHS Commissioning Board and carried out by NHS Clinical Commissioners found emerging CCGs have set aside an average £11.52 per head for NHS commissioning support services (CSS).

However, this figure varies significantly across the country, from £3 through to £25 per head.

Less than half (45%) say the commissioning support offer is affordable with a further 43% unsure.  

While one in three CCGs do not know what design of commissioning support they will want come April 2013, they report shows over half (59%) of CCGs want more information about the level of choice of commissioning support available.

Almost two-thirds (61%) of CCGs are still unclear on the types of support services providers will be offering and 64% claim they need more advice on how to procure such services.

Just under 30% said they “didn’t yet know” the pattern of commissioning support they would want from next year and a further 33% said they expected the commissioning support landscape to change “to some extent”.

“It is clear that a significant proportion of CCGs need further 
advice and help on how best to secure support,” said Dr Michael Dixon, Chair of the NHS Alliance.

“But, apart from information and choice, another key issue is CSS’ ability to deliver the new vision the NHS desperately needs to transform healthcare. The Government’s own vision is that, if commissioning is to be better, more
efficient and create the NHS of the future, it needs to be done

On a more positive note, 79% of CCGs said they were either “very confident” or “quite confident” there was a “mutually beneficial and constructive dialogue” between the CCG and CSS.

CCGs, however, still doubt a NHS CSS’ ability to provide support in a new and innovative way with 42% claiming they are not confident they will succeed.