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CCGs receive authorisation decisions by Board

11 December 2012

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All bar one of the clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in wave one have been authorised by the NHS Commissioning Board (NHS CB).

The NHS CB today (Tuesday 11 December 2012) confirmed eight of the 34 CCGs in the first wave have all been ‘authorised with no conditions’, meaning they have fully met all 119 authorisation criteria. 

The remaining 26 authorised CCGs have been ‘authorised with conditions’. This means the organisations will “need to continue developing” to allow them to meet the authorisation criteria in all areas.

However, the final authorisation decision for NHS Liverpool CCG has been delayed.

It is claimed the CCG “made significant late changes” to its commissioning arrangements and order to have full assurance of these new arrangements, the NHS CB has agreed that the CCG’s final review “should be deferred until later in the process”.

Managing director for commissioning development at the NHS CB Dame Barbara Hakin praised CCGs for “admirably rising to the challenge” of the reforms.

“During authorisation, we closely scrutinised CCGs’ leadership, engagement with patients and clinicians, and their financial stability,” she said.

“They are also assessed on the quality of their relationships with important partners, such as local authorities, with whom they will work to ensure a joined-up approach across healthcare, public health and social care.

“CCGs have admirably risen to the challenge. There is, of course, more to do and we will continue to provide support as appropriate. But these CCGs are to be congratulated on the fantastic achievement of establishing themselves.”

Dr Michael Dixon, chair of the NHS Alliance and interim president of NHS Clinical Commissioners, said the announcement of the NHS CB’s authorisation decisions are a “starter gun” for lots of CCGs “who will be pretty independent come April 2013”.
The NHS CB will complete the authorisation process for the remaining 177 CCGs in a further three waves, publishing the results in January, February and March 2013.