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CCGs must seek input into NHS CB ‘fieldforce’ design

12 April 2012

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CCGs have been urged to secure their involvement in the design of the NHS Commissioning Board’s (NHS CB) local offices to avoid future failure.

In an exclusive interview with Management in Practice, Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation Mike Farrar implored CCGs to develop federated models to work together once they have their constitutions in order and have passed the authorisation process.

Farrar believes a “collective” operating framework will prove a “natural” step for CCGs.

“CCGs are going to have to work together,” he said.

“My sense is they will arrive at some way of operating collectively even though there isn’t strictly a bit in the architecture that says that’s what you do.

“However, I think it will become natural that [CCGs] will decide to work together in this way.”

Farrar has urged CCGs to ensure they have input into what the NHS CB’s 50 local offices – or fieldforce – will provide and how they will operate as he claims they may be key to organising such shared views.

A spokesperson for the NHS CB confirmed “ongoing engagement” with CCG leaders will be an “important element of the work to develop our local offices”.

By Louise Naughton and Victoria Vaughan