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CCGs held back by ‘slow moving’ NHS CB hosted CSSs

7 August 2012

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The lack of urgency in appointing leaders to NHS CB appointed Commissioning Support Services has caused a slow down among CCGs vying for authorisation.

 Dr Joe McGilligan, Chair of EsyDoc CCG in Surrey, which is positioned in wave three of the authorisation process, said while most aspects are “moving along well”, signing off on an economically viable commissioning support offer is “proving to be the most difficult”.

 “We have only just received an offer from our local NHS CB hosted CSS, and even that is well over what we can afford at £15 a head,” he said.

 “In accordance with the nationally set deadlines, we should have signed off on our commissioning support by now and the offer should have been received long ago – sometime in June.”

 Dr McGilligan said the delay in getting a CSS offer has caused a “slow down” in his progress towards authorisation.

 He has attributed the delay to the low numbers of managing directors appointed at NHS CB hosted CSSs.

 A spokesperson from the NHS CB confirmed that 10 of the 23 CSSs now have their managing directors appointed and are “on track” to submit their business plans within the next few weeks.

 “Phase Two of the recruitment process for managing directors of commissioning support units is well under way: interviews are currently taking place and we expect to be able to announce appointments very soon,” said the spokesperson.

“All CSUs are continuing to work with their CCG customers to develop and refine their support offers, and are on track to submit their full business plans as agreed within the next few weeks.”