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CCG leaders receive invitation to join NHS Commissioning Assembly

10 July 2012

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One senior clinical lead from every CCG in the country has been invited to join the NHS Commissioning Board’s (NHS CB) newly-developed NHS Commissioning Assembly.

The assembly aims to bring together leaders from all CCGs and the NHS CB to improve communication at a national level and create a culture of “shared leadership” and “joint responsibility”.

It also hopes to be the platform for which co-produced national strategy and direction with a “common CCG voice” is born.

As it stands, the NHS Commissioning Assembly would meet once a year, as part of a learning event. Between meetings web-based tools and digital technology would be on hand to enable regular and varied dialogue.

The first Commissioning Assembly meeting has been proposed to take place in late autumn 2012.

A ‘design group’ of 15 CCG clinical leaders including North West and Devon CCG lead Dr Tim Burke, and North Manchester CCG lead Dr Martin Whiting have written to all CCG leaders stressing the importance of a good relationship with the NHS CB.

The letter (attached) also seeks views on the draft shared statement of intent and draft framework, which is expected to form the basis of the development of relationships at local and national level between CCGs and the NHS CB.

The NHS CB is also considering launching a CCG ‘shared work programme’ allowing smaller groups of CCGs to work collectively on areas of key importance including quality, financial strategy, incentives and primary care.