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CCG launches campaign to cut back on thousands of missed GP appointments

5 July 2016

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NHS Leeds West Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is launching a campaign to cut back on the number of missed GP appointments.

The CCG found that 40% of the 7,500 GP appointments that are missed every month across 37 practices in west Leeds were forgotten about by the patient.

The #forgetfulfriend campaign is encouraging local residents to remember or remind forgetful friends of their GP appointments and cancel appointments they cannot attend.

Figures from NHS England found that more than 12 million GP appointments are missed each year in the UK, which costs more than £162 million per year.

The campaign will appear on advertising panels and buses around Leeds and include a picture of a man who has forgotten his trousers.

People are also taking part on social media by sharing funny or embarrassing stories about when they have forgotten something.

Dr Gordon Sinclair, a local GP and chair of NHS Leeds West CCG, said: “At the heart of this fun campaign is the very important fact that reducing the number of missed GP appointments will mean that more people can get the help they need from their GP, quickly.

“Approximately 7,500 GP appointments are missed every month in the Leeds West area, and with busy lifestyles and many priorities to juggle, it’s easy to forget an appointment.”

The campaign launched on Saturday, 2 July.

To take part in the campaign, visit the NHS Leeds West CCG website where posters can be downloaded.