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9 December 2013

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As of March next year the government will begin to extract practice data through the programme.  

Every month data will be extracted which includes patient demographics, referrals and prescriptions. 

According to a paper released by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), a phased roll-out will happen over the next three months. 

The paper states this will allow the HSCIC to “assess the quality of the data” before it is anonymised and given to commissioners. 

It states: “In addition, the board’s feedback on the data controller position is being picked up in discussion with the Information Commissioner’s Office.” 

NHS England expects at least 75% of GP practices to be providing extracts by September. 

Leaflets on will be sent to every household in England in January 2014. And digital content will be updated in advance of the launch. 

The HSCIC paper states: “ primary care extract may not deliver on time due to the unknown amount of complexity of defects that may occur during certification and first of type activities based on progress to date.”