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1 November 2007

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Management in Practice Focus Group

The practice manager’s role is changing fast, and it’s crucial  that we keep our readers at the heart of the debate. On 26 November, from 9am to 2pm, at a venue in London, we’re organising a focus group, where you can tell us what you’d like from the Management in Practice Events.

If you have attended any of our Management in Practice events (Birmingham, Manchester or London) or have a strong opinion on what you would like to gain from attending one of these events, we want to hear it! Contact Eva Claramonte on 0207 214 0674 or email [email protected].
At present, there is no formal description of the practice manager role, and no specific qualification – so we’ll be considering how to bring that about.

The Management in Practice Events are also a platform for you to speak to AMSPAR, IHM and other organisations – they’re just as keen to hear from you.
At the meeting in London, we’ll provide a free lunch and reimburse your travel expenses.* Some of the topics up for discussion include: 

  • Practice managers’ training needs.
  • PbC, QOF, IM&T for beginners … or masterclasses? Which would you prefer?
  • Who are the great undiscovered speakers – could it be you? Who are the old favourites you want to see again?  
  • Clinical updates for nonclinicians: how much do you need to know about what your doctors and nurses do, and about your role in helping patients with chronic conditions?
  • The event format: panel sessions where the whole audience can question experts … or small group sessions for facilitated discussions with your peers?
  • What type of exhibiting companies you would like to meet to discuss business opportunities.
  • A little more about you: creating opportunities for managers to discuss their own experiences.

… and absolutely anything else you want to talk about. For further details, you can email [email protected] or call her on 0207 214 0674. Places are limited – we need 12 of the most opinionated practice managers! If you fit this bill, call Eva today! We are looking forward to hearing from you …

* Management in Practice Events will reimburse your travel expenses up to £50 provided you submit receipts.