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Call to better prepare for interviews

31 March 2011

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The culture of fear and stress surrounding work interviews causes one in seven candidates for a job to be reduced to tears, according to a new report.

Some managers could not remember a candidate’s name, in an example of the lack of preparation uncovered from both sides by a survey of 3,400 jobseekers and 240 interviewers.

Candidates complained of being asked irrelevant questions by arrogant or poorly prepared managers, according to the poll by recruitment firm

Slightly more than half of interviewers who took part in the research said they took an instant dislike to someone they were seeing about a job.

Isabelle Ratinaud of Monster UK & Ireland said: “It is apparent that both candidates and interviewers are not putting in the necessary groundwork to ensure a smooth, productive interview process.

“It’s no wonder that candidates are so stressed out if nearly a third of employers can’t even be bothered to remember a candidate’s name before an interview.

“Unless an interviewer takes the time to absorb the candidate’s CV, they will find it hard to establish whether they are right for the role.”

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