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Call for all EU doctors to receive equivalent training

20 January 2010

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A report has called for all foreign GPs to be more thoroughly assessed and receive the same standard of training to ensure patient confidence.

A study by Lord Patel said there is a “significant variation” in doctor training across EU countries and the GMC is looking at ways to evaluate the concerns.

As it stands, doctors only have to meet a standard administered by EU law to be accepted by all member states of the European Union, but Lord Patel said the current legislation is not effectively protecting patients.

He said a lack in the same standard requirements has hit confidence in GP registers.

Further concerns about foreign doctors working in the UK arose recently after German locum Dr Daniel Ubani gave a fatal overdose to a patient on his first UK placement.

Dr David Colin-Thomé, Department of Health director of primary care, and Royal College of GPs’ chairman Professor Steve Field are due to release a report on the quality of out-of-hours care.

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“I do so agree – we have had to deal with the fallout from a simply dreadful GPR. The heartache and stress was unbelievable. The benefits of a three-week holiday – the first of more than a week I had had in years – was completely negated by her conduct towards staff as well as patients. Robust systems with support from deaneries are needed to get rid of the incompetent without fear or favour” – Name and address withheld