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Businesses should use youth skills

22 January 2015

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Four out of five people born after 1982 believe that their employers to not utilise all of their skills.

According to professional recruitment firm Deloitte, 43% of millennials (those born after 1982) believe that they will have to work elsewhere in order to meet their career ambitions.

Deloitte surveyed 7,800 graduates across the world. The research found British millennials are more cynical about business than their global peers. Only 39% of UK respondents agree businesses have a positive impact on society, compared to 52% worldwide.

Steve Almond, global chairman of Deloitte, encouraged businesses to think about their recruitment and retention strategies for younger staff.

He said: “Businesses themselves should look at enhancing their recruitment proposition, and gaining competitive advantage, by focusing from an early stage on mentoring their staff and seeking to develop the skills millennials say they lack,” he said.