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Burnham pledges vote of no-confidence debate for Hunt

28 July 2015

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Andy Burnham, former secretary of state for health, promised he would apply for a debate on a vote on no confidence in Jeremy Hunt.

This comes after a petition, currently with 204,301 signatures, stated that Jeremy Hunt had “alienated the entire workforce” and called for a debate on his competence.

The petition was fuelled by Jeremy Hunt’s speech on 16 July, which stated that if the British Medical Association (BMA) and hospital consultants did not agree by September to a new contract with no opt-out clause for weekend working, it would be opposed upon them next year.

Burnham tweeted yesterday that “on behalf of the 196,000 people who have no confidence in @Jeremy_Hunt, I will apply for debate when House returns”.

He is referring to the House of Commons, which is on summer recess from 21 July to 7 September 2015.

Burnham is attempting to become leader of the Labour party, after being nominated in 2010 but losing out to Ed Miliband.