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Britain ‘faces new brain drain’

30 June 2011

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The UK could be on the verge of a new brain drain, the findings of two separate reports have suggested.

Nearly one in three UK workers would consider working abroad in the next five years, with Australia and New Zealand rated the most popular destinations, according to a survey of 1,500 adults by

And young, qualified employees were most likely to be considering moving abroad, according to research by GfK NOP Engage.

It found 27% of the total workforce would be prepared to move abroad to boost their career prospects, a figure which rose to 36% among highly qualified employees aged between 18 and 29.

GfK NOP Engage director Sukhi Ghataore said the findings could pose “significant problems” for companies looking to recover from the economic downturn.

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“Desperately sad but true. My son in law is a thoroughly decent hard working young man, a graduate in engineering, made redundant in January and still looking for a job. My daughter, also a graduate, made redundant in Jan too (it’s been a good year) has finally, 1 July, got a job that reflects her qualifications. They have taken ad hoc bar work anything to keep themselves and child going, they are considering emigrating. How does letting our brightest and best help industry, or as one politician is so keen to do, mend british society. I will not stand in their way but I will be heart broken to lose my daughter and grandchild” – Name and address withheld