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BMJ Group confirms Informatica takeover

6 January 2011

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Founded by software engineer Philip Brown and with an annual turnover approaching £3 million, Informatica has gone from setting up the FrontDesk automated appointments system in 1992 to developing the Contract+ clinical audit tool, which helps to improve GPs’ performance against the NHS Quality and Outcomes Framework.

The company has also developed Audit+, a centralised performance tracking system for GP practices which has been in use in Wales since 2007, underpinning the Data Quality Service for the Primary Care Informatics Programme, and has also been used to monitor H1N1 outbreaks.

This takeover strengthens the BMJ Group’s ability to support GPs as they adapt to changes in the NHS and complements the company’s existing portfolio of evidence-based products.

BMJ Group CEO Stella Dutton said: “This acquisition confirms the Group’s strategy of supporting clinicians with tools to improve performance and provide better outcomes for patients. It also enables the BMJ Group to help doctors in the newly formed GP consortia cope effectively with the challenges of taking both clinical and financial responsibility for patient care.”

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