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BMA suspends pension strike plans

19 July 2012

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The BMA has suspended plans for industrial action amid fresh talks with the government and other health unions about planned NHS pension changes.

In the second phase of changes to the pension scheme, which began to be introduced in April this year, changes including increasing retirement age and changes to the final salary pension scheme are scheduled to be introduced from 2015.

The government is beginning talks with unions to discuss the impact of increased retirement age and proposed changes to employee pension contributions.

It has been agreed that no further industrial action will be planned at this stage.

Dr Mark Porter, Chair of BMA Council said:

“Industrial action was never our preferred way forward. We would always far prefer to seek changes to the government’s plans for NHS pensions through negotiation and lobbying, rather than taking action that could jeopardise the much valued relationship with our patients.”

However, the BMA has not ruled out potential industrial action at a later date if they are not satisfied that a fair deal has been reached.

“Doctors’ anger with the government for tearing up a pensions deal reached only four years ago and which made the scheme sustainable for the future will not just go away. We have not ruled out taking further industrial action in the future and we are committed to continuing to fight for a fairer deal in the longer term,” he said.