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BMA response to announcement that Greater Manchester Councils will control £6bn NHS budget

26 February 2015

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Responding to the announcement that the £6bn health and social care budget for Greater Manchester will be taken over by regional councils under devolved NHS powers, Dr Mark Porter, BMA council chair, said: “There is no doubt that patients would benefit from more joined-up health and social care. However, any plans to do so would have to be underpinned by clear funding to ensure that an already dangerously over-stretched NHS budget isn’t used to prop up a woefully underfunded social care budget.

“These wide sweeping changes will affect millions of people. We need to look carefully at exactly how they will affect the commissioning and delivery of services, and what the impact on patient care will be. We must also ensure clinicians have a central role in decisions over health care, something which was undermined by the Health and Social Care Act 2012.”