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Balls orders vetting and barring scheme review

15 September 2009

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A government vetting scheme under which adults care for other adults or young people is to be reviewed.

Children’s Secretary Ed Balls ordered the review, saying the “right balance” needs to be struck on how many people are covered under a vetting and barring scheme.

Many parents and carers were angered after it emerged that people who volunteer to help clubs such as the Cub Scouts would have to undergo criminal record checks.

People who volunteer to help out with clubs or in school exchange programmes would also have to be vetted by the Independent Safeguarding Authority.

Mr Balls said the review will be carried out by ISA chairman Sir Roger Singleton, and a report is expected by the start of December.

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Department for Children, Schools and Families

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“Complete overkill. Once again instead of tackling the problems/criminals, it is so much easier to introduce a blanket system that takes away yet more of our civil liberties. I realise there are many dubious and criminal characters out there but does anyone believe that they are going to give their correct details for this kind of check? Another example of a controlling government ready to scare us into submission” – Name and address withheld