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Bad Management causes staff losses

15 January 2015

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Employees working for bad managers are more likely to leave their job than discuss their problems with HR.

A recent survey conducted by recruitment company Penna found that 31% of people would leave their position while only 22% would speak to the HR department.

A further 25% of respondents had also lost sleep over bad managers and 16% of people said bad management had caused them to take sick leave.

Alex Swarbrick, a senior consultant at Roffey Park, said the findings were shocking but not surprising. He said: “In our 2014 survey, roughly half of managers reported having observed misconduct in their organisations – that included abusive or intimidating behaviour through to ethical misconduct. 

“We found 54% of those who had observed misconduct said they were looking for another job.” 

Interestingly, respondents also believed that working with bad managers had taught them further skills. More than half (56%) of them learnt motivational skills and 42% learnt how to run a team.