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Antisuperbug, dishwasher-safe keyboards launched

18 July 2008

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An antimicrobial keyboard, which can be safely put in a dishwasher, has been launched to join the fight against the spread of superbug infections.

Designed in response to keyboards being a primary cross contamination risk in health settings, Seal Shield has now begun shipping the 108-key, fully submersible keyboards with Silver Seal antimicrobial protection worldwide.

Silver Seal antimicrobial devices use pure silver ions embedded in the plastic by the means of nanotechnology to create an inorganic, antimicrobial solution to reduce the risk of contaminations from bugs such as MRSA.

Tom Mullaney, Seal Shield vice president of international development, said: “The new Silver Seal International Keyboards are the best in class, infection control keyboards on the market. They look and feel like standard keyboards, but are unique in that they are antimicrobial and dishwasher safe.

“The Silver Seal International Keyboards provide worldwide healthcare organisations with the same Silver Seal infection control technology currently used in hospitals across the United States.”

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