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Andy Burnham announces review of children’s services

15 October 2009

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Health Secretary Andy Burnham has announced a review of NHS children’s services and pledged that the lessons of the Baby Peter tragedy in north London would be learnt.

Sir Ian Kennedy has been commissioned to look at how recent progress can be maintained to ensure lasting improvements in quality and outcomes for children.

The chief executive of the NHS, David Nicholson, wants the review to explore the cultural obstacles that can stand in the way of sustained improvement in the provision of care for children and to consider what can be done to develop the NHS’ contribution to safeguarding children.

Sir Ian will look at areas such as: the care of children outside specifically paediatric settings; health visiting and community services; the pathways of care; primary care including A&E; and arrangements to safeguard children; the management of the transition to adult care; how the NHS works with its partners to support children; and how the NHS responds to the needs of families as well as individuals.

David Nicholson said: “Improving child health and wellbeing has been a clear priority for the NHS in recent years and a comprehensive programme of action to safeguard children has delivered real progress.

“The work I have asked Sir Ian to undertake will build on this progress and his findings will be used to support sustained improvement for the long term in the work the NHS does to safeguard children”.

In his review, Sir Ian will engage with a wide range of NHS workers, leaders and key stakeholders in the field of children’s health services.

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