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AMSPAR reveals new qualification

17 September 2007

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AMSPAR has replaced its current certificate in General Practice Reception with a new certificate in Health Services Administration (HSA).

The HAS is designed for those already working as administrators or receptionists both in secondary and primary care.

AMSPAR say the certificate will give students the practical and personal skills to develop and progress as an administrator throughout the healthcare sector.

Tom Brownlie, AMSPAR chief executive, says AMSPAR is pleased to introduce this new qualification, adding: “This follows the accreditation of our new Level 2 Award in Medical Terminology for nonclinical professionals by the QCA, so it is an exciting time for AMSPAR.

“We have produced both these new qualifications in response to the demand of employers.

“AMSPAR is committed to devising quality training for nonclinical healthcare staff and committed to assisting lifelong learning.”

The HAS will be available from AMSPAR approved centres from September 2007.


Your comments: (Terms and conditions apply)

“Any qualification for medical admin is beneficial and sadly they are few and far between in this part of the country – hopefully there will be courses available in our area practice in north Devon – Name and address supplied

“This new qualification sounds very good. Does a GP surgery wishing to offer the course have to become a credited centre and who would you recommend facilitates the training” – Liz Harvey, N Ireland

“Sounds very good. I have the AMSPAR diploma in Practice Management (with credit) and would like to send a member of staff on this course but cannot find a local venue. Can this be done online?” – Maureen, Telford Shropshire

AMSPAR replies: “The new qualification cannot be done online but, as it is so new, we are receiving more centres to run the course all the time, so we would suggest you keep checking with us to see if any centres in your area are offering it. Also, some GP surgeries are actually delivering it themselves so that may be a possibility”

“This does sound good. We had wanted some of our Admin Team to take advantage of the current AMSPAR certificate but unfortunately the centres where this was available were not close enought to our Practice. I hope the new certificate will be more widely available” – Name and address supplied

“Yes it does sound very interesting. I have a diploma from AMSPAR,  achieving a distinction” – Ann Richards, Coventry