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Alan Johnson should ask NHS staff for advice

2 July 2007

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The UK’s largest health union, Unison, have petitioned Alan Johnson to include NHS staff and patients in his policy decision-making. 

The union say Alan Johnson, the new health secretary of state, should listen, learn and respect the views of NHS staff and patients.

“We do hope that the minister seizes this golden opportunity to listen much more to the real experts in the NHS: staff and patients,” says Unison General Secretary Dave Prentis.

“NHS leaders need to urgently switch the focus from endless and costly reorganisations and privitisation to more compassinate and patient-centered health.”

The union have requested that Mr Johnson pays particular attention to instating fair pay to reflect rising living costs.

It says that the government should put patients and “value-for-money” before profits and “value-for-shareholders” and request that taxpayers’ cash is not wasted on numerous management consultants.

Prentis adds: “We need to start treating NHS staff as part of the solution to delivering high quality services, rather than part of the problem.”


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“When did a politician of ANY persuasion listen to advice from the people who actually do the job? Perhaps Unison think that with a change back towards “old Labour” the government will take notice of them (pardon my cynicism).  Alan Moore, Ellesmere Port

“No, not if he involves Unison. This is the union of non-cooperation” – Margaret, Lowestoft